Help fund vital research to improve the lives of people living with dementia

Your gifts can help us revolutionise dementia care and improve the quality of life of thousands of people living with dementia in the UK.

‘With your support, we can make progress in finding out how to provide a better quality of care for people diagnosed with dementia.’ Professor Louise Robinson, Centre of Excellence, Newcastle University

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Developing dementia care research

Despite affecting 1 in 14 people over 65, research into the best way to support people with dementia is hugely under-funded. At Alzheimer’s Society we think that people affected by dementia should be at the heart of everything we do, and should have direct involvement in the research we fund. We consulted with people living with dementia, staff and volunteers about what areas of dementia care are urgently need more research. Now, with your support, we have launched three ground-breaking Centres of Excellence to address these urgent areas.  

Centres of Excellence

Our Centres of Excellence are investigating the best way to support someone after a dementia diagnosis, what factors improve quality of life as dementia progresses, and developing programmes to help people with dementia stay in their own home for longer. Learn more about how we're revolutionising dementia care research.

Your donations could help support these important research projects, or help to fund new promising research applications, and change the lives of the thousands of people living with dementia.

Why I support Alzheimer's Society

When dementia took my mum and dad I made a pledge to help create a dementia-free future for my grandchildren. That’s why I’m asking you to make a gift. No matter what size, it has the potential to assist in finding a cure for dementia. What a truly wonderful thought that is.

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    £20per month, could pay for one session of Singing for the Brain® for up to 30 people affected by dementia. Each session is led by an expert and aims to enhance communication and confidence in people living with dementia.

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    £12per month, could pay for five people with dementia to attend a peer support session this year, giving them the chance to build a support network and reduce feelings of loneliness.

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    £5per month, could fund the equipment and resources needed for one day of a dementia researcher’s vital investigations, helping to improve diagnosis, care and treatment for people affected by the condition.

  • Helpdesk

    £50could fund a post-doctoral researcher for one hour, to carry out crucial research into the cause, care, cure and prevention of dementia.

  • Two women

    £30could fund one of our Side by Side services for one hour, pairing people with dementia with volunteers so they have the support they need to keep doing the hobbies and activities important to them.

  • Woman careworker

    £20could provide practical and emotional support to a person who has just received a diagnosis of dementia, by paying for a Dementia Support Worker to spend an hour with them at their home.