Your support will fund vital research at the UK Dementia Research Institute

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The pioneering work at the UK DRI aims to transform the way that dementia is diagnosed and treated, to bring us closer to the day we have a cure.

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How will my monthly donation help?

  • £50could provide the equipment and resources needed for one day of a dementia researcher’s work helping to improve diagnosis, care and treatment.

    Donate £50

  • £20could help researchers better understand how dementia with Lewy bodies develops. Across one year, your money will pay for a month’s supply of a dye used in brain scanning. The dye gives a clearer picture of how brain and nerve cells are functioning.

    Donate £20

  • £10could help to investigate the role that genes have in developing Alzheimer’s disease by paying for five extractions of DNA from a brain tissue sample.

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How will my one off donation help?

  • £130could fund one day of a talented PhD researcher’s time increasing our understanding of the causes, prevention and treatment of dementia.

    Donate £130

  • £60could pay for a blood test in a clinical trial that aims to find out whether existing drugs could treat small vessel disease, a major cause of vascular dementia.

    Donate £60

  • £18could fund one hour of a PhD student’s time to research the causes of dementia, improve diagnosis, find better treatments and search for a cure.

    Donate £18

  • Expenditure

    88 pence in every £1 of total expenditure was spent on direct costs towards improving the lives of people with dementia.

    The remaining 12 pence in every £1 was spent to support our frontline activity including IT and premises.

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  • Our fundraising promise

    Alzheimer's Society is a community of supporters, volunteers and staff passionate about making a difference to the lives of people with dementia. Thank you so much for being part of it!

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