As Coronavirus cases rise, people affected by dementia urgently need your support.

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With Coronavirus cases rising many people affected by dementia are in urgent need of support to see them through this difficult time. Please help now

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How will my monthly donation help?

  • £6per month could contribute to vital campaigning work to make sure people affected by dementia are heard by Government, getting us closer to a social care system that is fair for everyone. Your regular gift will make a massive difference, particularly while Coronavirus puts even more pressure on the broken care system.

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  • £8per month could pay for essential companion calls where volunteers reach out to isolated people affected by dementia to chat, check on their well-being, and refer them to other services. Your monthly gift will mean someone doesn’t have to feel alone, even if they are isolating due to Coronavirus.

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  • £10per month could pay for someone to receive one hour’s support from one of our expert advisers through our Support Line every month. This will be even more essential for those concerned about dementia while Coronavirus creates a backlog for the NHS.

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  • Research is hope

    Alzheimer’s Society research has been truly revolutionary for over 30 years, enabling the first ever treatments to slow down Alzheimer’s disease.

    Our research today will transform dementia diagnosis, treatment and care. But without your kind support this would not be possible.

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  • Our fundraising promise

    Alzheimer's Society is a community of supporters, volunteers and staff passionate about making a difference to the lives of people with dementia. Thank you so much for being part of it!

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Kate Lee, CEO

People living with dementia need your help

The pandemic has taken a disproportionate toll on people living with dementia. One in every four UK coronavirus deaths has been somebody who had dementia. Plus, without their routines or social interaction, the health of many more people has deteriorated quickly. With your support, Alzheimer’s Society will be there to put a virtual arm around the shoulders of people with dementia and reassure them they are not alone.

- Kate Lee, CEO