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Your support will help Alzheimer’s Society to challenge perceptions, fund ground-breaking research and improve care and support.

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How will my monthly donation help?

  • £15could pay for materials to help our scientists share ideas visually. Sharing ideas through posters can lead to opportunities in collaboration between researchers.

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  • £45could pay for 375 essential microscope slides. Microscopes play a crucial role in advancing research but without microscope slides, they are as good as useless!

    Donate £45

  • £85could pay for a chemical used by our scientists that can enable them to copy the DNA of 447 people with Alzheimer’s disease, to better understand how genetic differences contribute to Alzheimer’s risk.

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How will my one off donation help?

  • £25could pay for a lab coat for one of our dedicated researchers, protecting against chemical spills and keeping the lab a safe space to work. Lab coats are essential to research and a first line of defence against potentially hazardous chemicals.

    Donate £25

  • £75could pay for 20 microtome blades, which are used to create slices of the brain the thickness of a human hair. In order to beat dementia, researchers need to be able to study the intricate detail of brain cells, and the toxic proteins that cause the condition.

    Donate £75

  • £150could provide the equipment and resources needed for three days of a dementia researcher’s work helping to improve diagnosis, care and treatment.

    Donate £150

  • Expenditure

    89 pence in every £1 of total expenditure was spent on direct costs towards improving the lives of people with dementia.

    The remaining 11 pence in every £1 was spent to support our frontline activity including IT and premises.


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  • Our fundraising promise

    We are clear about who we are, what we do and how your gift is used. We will never share your details for third parties to contact you nor sell on for financial gain.


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