Celebrate your loved one with a Living Memory.

Donate now to receive your forget-me-not seeds and plant marker.

Honour your loved one by supporting Alzheimer’s Society change the future of dementia.

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Create a Living Memory and together we will beat dementia

Living Memory is a new way of supporting the fight against dementia whilst also celebrating a loved one who has been affected.

Sign up to a regular gift today - you can give as little as or as much as you like. In return, you’ll receive forget-me-not seeds to plant in celebration of your loved one, top tips for growing, a plant marker and regular updates on how your gifts are helping to fight dementia.

Celebrate your loved one year after year

As a Living Memory supporter, your monthly gifts will help us unite in the fight against dementia –such as funding much-needed research into dementia, and helping to find new ways of supporting people who are fighting the disease right now.

Enjoy planting your forget-me-not seeds and you’ll be rewarded with stunning blooms year after year. And by celebrating your loved one in this special way you’ll be helping to bring us closer to the day when dementia is cured.

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    £10per month could go towards supporting people affected by dementia to access the help and advice they need through our Dementia Connect Support Line. During the coronavirus pandemic, telephone-based services are more important than ever.

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    £8per month could help us fund ‘companion calls’, where teams of volunteers will proactively telephone people affected by dementia to chat, check on their well-being, and refer them to other services like our Dementia Connect Support Line.

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    £6per month, could fund the equipment and resources needed to support a dementia researcher’s vital investigations, improve diagnosis, care and treatment for people affected by dementia.