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1 in 3 people born today will get dementia. Your donation will give help and hope to those in need by funding life-changing support and treatments.

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How will my monthly donation help?

  • £15per month could fund an hour of a PHD student’s time every month, getting one step closer to the next research breakthrough which will stop dementia devastating lives.

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  • £10per month could go towards an hour of essential support from a Dementia Adviser every month, providing help and hope through the darkest times.

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  • £5per month could mean someone benefits from regularly attending our Singing for the Brain community group, providing essential hope and companionship.

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  • Research is hope

    Alzheimer’s Society research has been truly revolutionary for over 30 years, enabling the first ever treatments to slow down Alzheimer’s disease.

    Our research today will transform dementia diagnosis, treatment and care. But without your kind support this would not be possible.

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  • Our fundraising promise

    Alzheimer's Society is a community of supporters, volunteers and staff passionate about making a difference to the lives of people with dementia. Thank you so much for being part of it!

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Pauline and Hilary

We don’t feel alone on this journey

We have no doubt Alzheimer’s Society are behind us. We’re surrounded with love and kindness. It gives you a true reason to live and to want to go on.

- Pauline and Hilary