Will you help more carers attend a CrISP course and receive the vital support they need?

Your gift today can give more carers the support and skills they need to care for a loved one.

'CrISP was a massive lifeline. I got so much information, but I also felt like I was actually being looked after. Somebody was interested.' - Brian, photographed above with his wife Kim.

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Your support could help people like Brian and his wife Kim

Since Kim was diagnosed with young-onset dementia two years ago, Brian's world has become centred around caring for her. At first, he had never felt so alone and didn't know who to turn to for help or advice. There simply isn't enough support available from the government.

But after attending a CrISP (Carer Information and Support Programme) course, Brian came away with vital information and support so he can provide Kim with the best care.

Help us fund more carers to attend our CrISP courses. No one should have to face dementia alone.

We're here so that people affected by dementia are always supported

Lali is an Alzheimer's Society CrISP Facilitator and Dementia Adviser, who is there for people like Brian, offering knowledge and understanding.

Our CrISP courses are packed with advice about what to expect, ways to care and how to navigate the social care system, but due to a lack of funding, we have lengthy waiting lists. This is where you can help.

It's thanks to the wonderful support from people like you that our experts can be there, to ensure carers are not struggling alone.

People living with dementia need your help.

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    £20per month for a year could pay for 24 people to begin their Dementia Connect - our free, support service - journey with a call from one of our qualified Dementia Advisers.

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    £9per month for a year could pay for a full day of a Dementia Adviser's time, where they could give support and advice to several families struggling with dementia.

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    £5per month for a year could mean over 300 people can access Talking Point, our online community, to share experiences and support each other.

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    £150could pay for a day of research into improving dementia care, which could be a huge help to carers like Brian and the people they support.

  • Two women

    £50could pay for two carers to attend a CrISP session.

  • Woman careworker

    £25could pay for two hours of support from a Dementia Adviser - trained specialists who offer expert advice and run courses like CrISP.