Introducing the Dementia Superheroes! Helping to make dementia a little less scary for kids.

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It can be hard for a child to see someone they love with dementia. Sign up to receive a monthly comic for your child and let our Dementia Superheroes help them learn about dementia.

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The Dementia Superheroes are here to help!

We know Dementia can be scary and confusing for a child. That’s why the Dementia Superheroes are here to help with their monthly comic book with a difference!

Sign up today and help your child learn about dementia in this fun and simple way, whilst also helping to fund vital research and support those living with dementia today.

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In exchange for a monthly gift from you, we will send your child a pack in the post that includes fun activities, collectable cards and a comic book that tells the stories of how Carl Carer, Violet Volunteer and Sophia Scientist all work hard to help make life easier for people with Dementia.

Let the Dementia Superheroes help make dementia a little less scary for your child and subscribe today!

Alzheimer's Society - Dementia Superheroes

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    £6could help fund volunteers like Violet take part in our Side by Side service, a service which brings together a trained volunteer and a person living with dementia to combat loneliness and offer carers respite for a few hours a week.

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    £7.50could help fund more researchers like Sophia to pursue a career in dementia research. Did you know five times fewer researchers choose to work in dementia than cancer? You can help create a community of researchers who will get to the core of what causes dementia, so we can one day stop it!

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    £9could help fund a Dementia Support Worker. Kind and helpful people, like Carl, who are there to provide expert help and support people with dementia and their loved ones.